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See Top Reactions As Google Releases Android 11 Beta Version

Google released Android 11 beta yesterday, 11th June 2020 and the tech world has been buzzing with the new features that it brings. In this article, you will see some of the reactions to Android 11 beta.


Android 11 had launched with the promise of prioritising users. It does this by providing increased controls and privacy features. In a Tweet commenting on the launch, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had said that the latest version of Android launches “with a focus on people”.


Google had delayed launching the software last week due to unrest over George Floyd’s killing. However, the tech giants have now duly delivered.


While we are yet to get our hands on it, some enthusiasts who have done so have been astonished by what they find. First is Dieter Bohn, the executive editor at The Verge. He spoke about the new voice controls that Android 11 brings and how amazing it is.


See Bohn’s Tweet on the improved voice commands of Android 11 here:


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Several other Google Pixel device users were also jubilant as their Android Q notified them that it will be updating to the Android R version in its most recent system update.


See Top Reactions As Google Releases Android 11 Beta Version
Photo: Twitter.


Another Twitter user, Kamal, pointed at the fact that the new Android 11 Quick Settings looks a lot like iOS Control Center. The Quick Settings now allows media controls.



Likely, as more people get their hands on Android 11, we would be getting to see more and more of its hidden features. For now, you can satisfy your cravings by watching these YouTube videos about Android 11 beta.


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