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See Photos From Celebrities Celebrating Halloween This Year

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It’s Halloween season, and celebrities all over the world are catching the fever. This celebration is observed on the 31st of October all over the world.


On this special day, people play pranks, attend costume parties, play divination games, tell scary stories as well as watch horror films.


Celebrities and entertainers all over the world have been posting photos from their Halloween themed parties.


First on the list is Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union who turned 47 a few days ago. In her party, she was pictured wearing a cheerleader uniform with her daughter, Kavvia James, wearing the same uniform.


Gabrielle Union . Photo:Instagram/@gabunion


It was her way of re-enacting her character in 2000 film “Bring It On”. There, she played the role of Isis, the captain of the East Compton Clovers cheer squad.


Popular rapper Cardi B also uploaded a photo a few days ago dressed as a s**y nurse.


Cardi B/ Instagram:@iamcardib


Yesterday, singer Ciara and husband Russell Wilson uploaded a photo on Instagram dressed as Beyonce and Jay-Z in their video for “APES**T”.


Clara : Instagram / @ciara


Back in Nigeria, celebrities have embraced the culture also, uploading photos wearing beautiful costumes.


Last weekend, musician FalzthebadhGuy also threw a Halloween party with top celebrities in attendance. The party was themed FalzHauntedHouse.


Ebuka Obi Uchendu. Photo: Instagram / @ebuka


Mawuli Gavor. Photo: Instagram / @mawuli_gavor


Sophia Alakija. Photo: Instagram / @sophiealakija


FalzthebadhGuy. Photo: Instagram/ @falzthebadhGuy


So now you can also grab inspiration from several costumes that you can use to surprise and scare your folks this period.


Whether it’s dressing like a clown, a s**y nurse or making them scared-looking like a vampire, just get creative with your costume. A little bit of paint here and there can give you an effect that will linger in the mind of all present.

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