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London, UK - July 31, 2018: The buttons of the Apple internet browser app Safari, surrounded by Firefox, Firefox Focus, News and other apps on the screen of an iPhone.

See New, Secure And Easy Sign In Option That iOS 14 Brings To Safari

Safari, Apple’s custom browser will now let users sign in to supported websites using Touch ID or Face ID. The function is one of the changes that will come with Safari 14 which will be a part of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.


The functionality will make signing into websites on the Safari browser seamless just like signing into phone apps using Touch ID or Face ID. The feature is built on the WebAuthn component of the FIDO2 standard and developed by the FIDO Alliance. WebAuthn uses public-key cryptography and can employ methods like biometrics or hardware security keys to verify identity.


Unlike passwords, It is much more difficult to forge biometrics and they are less vulnerable to phishing attacks. Many websites will, however, have to add support for the feature. Attackers or hackers would need physical access to your device in order to compromise this security method.

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The WebAuthn will bypass manually inputting a password when it is set up. This makes it less vulnerable to the types of attacks that passwords are susceptible to. Google also did something similar in 2019 when it made it possible to log into some of its services in the Chrome browser on Android without using a password.


Apple explained the process in detail in a WWDC video presentation you can watch by clicking here.


Microsoft also had plans to make Windows 10 password-less in 2019. Already, it is allowing its users to sign into their accounts in its Edge browser using security keys. The feature is also very similar to the one that Safari 14 will bring.


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