You are currently viewing See iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Images Leaked Online Via CAD Renders

See iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Images Leaked Online Via CAD Renders

Apple is set to launch its high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max in September 2020, but CAD rendering of the design has leaked online giving enthusiasts their physical impression of the smartphone.


While it is possible that these images are not the complete design, it is expected that by now, Apple should have finished designing the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


A CAD is a computer-aided design, as in this case, the design of the coming phone. Meanwhile, rendering is a particular view of a 3D model that has been converted into a realistic image. It includes basic lighting and other sophisticated effects that simulate shadows, reflection and refraction.


There is no information on who leaked the CAD renders. However, it is likely that it is a person working with the company.


Looking at the leaked images, it confirms the rumours that iPhone Pro Max resembles the iPad Pro. It shows the same flat edges that have been absent from iPhones since the iPhone 5s days.

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Also, the face will have a huge bezel reduction to give it more screen space. GSM Arena says that the bezels on the iPhone 12 Pro Max are 0.9 thinner than those on the iPhone 11 Pro Max — its predecessor. The display will be about 6.7″ in size.


iPhone 12 Pro Max images specifications
iPhone 12 Pro Max leaked image. Photo: GSM Arena.


Yet, the smartphone will be significantly taller and wider when it launches. Hopefully, it will still allow for easy one hand handling.


Another key detail that this leak shows is the camera arrangement. In the present iPhone versions, the cameras are arranged in a triangle but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is likely coming with a square-shaped arrangement. It will also have four cameras unlike its existing siblings. With the fourth one being a ToF camera or sensor.


ToF camera uses infrared light (lasers invisible to human eyes) to determine depth information – similar to what bats sense surroundings with.


Like the recently launched iPhone SE 2020, an A13 Bionic chip will power it. Meanwhile, specifications are still scanty but there are speculations that it will come with a 4100 mAh battery. In addition, the notch at the top of the screen are said to be much smaller than all other existing editions.


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