See Exact Date That Coronavirus Will End According To An AI In Singapore

See Exact Date That Coronavirus Will End According To An AI In Singapore

With social distancing efforts, to flatten the curve and stop the coronavirus from infecting more people, in place, an AI in Singapore has provided exact dates that the virus will end in some countries.


Many people have been asking for how long the coronavirus is expected to last. This is likely because they want to resume their normal activities. Also, some are aware that the longer the virus lasts, the more likely it is to infect more people.


In addition to this, most of the positive news concerning possible vaccination points at people having to wait for months.


Now, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has used an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech to try and calculate when the coronavirus will end.


The AI makes its calculation from available data on the virus around the world. To reach its calculated conclusion, it used total confirmed cases, total deaths, new confirmed cases, new deaths, and population data.


The software managed to arrive at 97, 99, and 100 percent accurate results. For now, the data it provides only covers a few countries in Southeast Asia.


According to Mashable SE Asia that broke the news, the AI calculates that Singapore has a 97 percent chance of seeing the virus end on May 9, 99 percent on May 15, and 100 percent on June 10.

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For the Philippines, it projects that the coronavirus will end there by 8th July. However, its projection for the country is not very concise and the article blamed incomplete data for this.


Indonesia’s projection points to 30th July as the day they would feel the last of the pandemic, while Malaysians should expect an earlier date of 8th July.


The Singaporean AI claims that Vietnam will not suffer from the virus anymore by 14th May.


Also, for a global projection, the AI predicts a grim outcome. It calculates that the world will have to wait until 1st December before it can be truly rid of the coronavirus.


However, it is important to note that these are just predictions that are no better than ‘informed guesses’. People should not hold to the information from the AI as verified proof for exact dates when the coronavirus will end.


One recent example is the sudden explosion coronavirus cases in Singapore. The AI could not have caught this sort of drastic hike. This is because immeasurable conditions like virus mutation or an individual’s carelessness could have caused it.



As of when this article was published, its Ministry of Health announced that the country saw 528 new cases on 30th May. Thus, the country’s cases have risen to nearly 15,000 and this will likely impact the AI’s 10th June prediction.


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