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Security: FBI Flags Zoom As A Potential Platform For Child Abuse Gives Tips

Security: FBI Flags Zoom As A Potential Platform For Child Abuse And Sounds Warning

It seems Zoom security problems will not just go away and in a recent press release, the FBI has warned people that it could expose children to abuse. There are, however, security measures that you can put in place to protect yourself and your children.


The Federal agency reports that the most susceptible virtual sessions open to attacks are meetings and events that are open to the public. With links to join shared on social media, unwanted and bad elements of the society could just crash into the event and display sensitive images.


It states that it had received more than 195 Zoom-related reports in the US and other countries. These reports, it further reveals, border on a Zoom participant broadcasting videos containing child s*xual abuse material. The Bureau sees this as a violent crime against children and also views those who see it, especially children, as victims as well.


For situations where a person is targeted with this kind of material, it directs them to do the following:


— As an administrator or contact the FBI; do not delete or destroy any of your computer logs without further direction.


— If you recorded such a meeting, please contact the FBI for assistance in removing the material from your device.

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— In case you are a victim of such sensitive material broadcast, please contact the FBI to learn about your victim rights and possible victim assistance.


— If you know who is committing these most recent egregious crimes, please contact the FBI.


The agency directs people to contact it via 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324) or FBI Tips page. Also, for more stringent measures, Zoom meeting hosts should remember to use these security tips:


1. To make meetings or classrooms private either; Require a meeting password or use the waiting room feature to control who joins.


2. Send links directly to specific participants instead of sharing it on a social media post.


3. Control Zoom screen-sharing options by changing it to “Host Only.”


Since its many security issues started to threaten its popularity, Zoom developers have been working on fixing them. Its CEO has also come publicly to tender apologies for the challenges users are facing.


Yet, it seems Zoom is not doing enough as its security lapses have gotten the FBI’s attention.


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