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Second Chance? BlackBerry Smartphones Are Coming Back With 5G In 2021

BlackBerry is returning to the smartphone business in 2021 and it has one mission, to take back the position it once held. A US-based company named OnwardMobility would be partnering with BlackBerry.


In 2013, BlackBerry had more than 85 million subscribers worldwide. Its ‘pinging’ tone and flashing led lights were the trendy thing during that time. The BlackBerry OS and its unique month-long subscription gave it an edge over other phones during the late 2000s and early 2010s.


However, the Android and iOS platforms toppled it from its position in no time. By 2016, the smartphone company had only 23 million subscribers. It tried to make a comeback, even partnering with Chinese TCL Communication.

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Yet, there appeared to be no way back. That is, until now. While its contract with TCL was supposed to expire and then end in 2022, BlackBerry has announced a partnership with OnwardMobility in the US.


In an official release, the company said that its mission is; “To provide all businesses, from government to enterprise to those who power the gig economy—the most productive, most user-friendly and most secure mobile devices ever created. So nothing gets in the way of their mission.”


Second Chance? BlackBerry Smartphones Are Coming Back With 5G In 2021
BlackBerry Bold 2 released in 2010. Photo: Engadget.


It prides itself on security and mentions that it will not be working alone with BlackBerry. Foxconn Technology Group would be in charge of mass-producing the BlackBerry phones coming in 2021 through its subsidiary, FIH Mobile.


Meanwhile, there are no specifications to talk about and we only know that the BlackBerry phones will support 5G. There are many questions left unanswered. Likely, as we approach 2021, OnwardMobility and BlackBerry will be providing answers.


Our fingers are crossed as we wait for our first peek at the BlackBerry 5G smartphones coming in 2021.


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