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Scientists Develop New 3D Technology For Wearable Devices

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Scientists are working hard to improve wearable devices in the future. They are devising a process to print transparent and flexible electronics using 3D technology.


According to researchers from the University of Hamburg, Germany, the electronics involve the use of a mesh of tiny silver wires. In essence, one can print and embed these nanowires in a variety of flexible and transparent plastics.


The researchers are equally showcasing the potential of the process with a flexible capacitor and other things. This new technology will make new applications like printable solar cells and tools with an integrated circuit. The idea is to functionalise 3D-printable polymers for different applications.


Wearable Devices

They say the aim of the study is to integrate electronics into already existing structural units and improve the components. The silver nanowires are about 10 to 20 micrometres long.


In a more detailed analysis, an X-ray shows that there was no change in the structure of the nanowires in the polymer. However, the conductivity of the mesh improves, and the polymer compresses and contracts during the curing process.


The researchers also say they aim to cut costs by achieving the highest possible conductivity. This is why they employed the use of as few nanowires as possible. That way, the transparency of the material increases.


You can also print various electronic components using the new 3D technology.

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