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Science Reveals Any Amount Of Drinking Is Bad For You

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The drinking culture got a breakthrough in the early 1990s. This occurred after “60 Minutes” reported a hypothesis called the French Paradox. The hypothesis led people to believe that drinking alcohol in moderation was actually good for you. Moderate drinking is when you restrict yourself to a drink per day for women and up to two per day for men.


In France, wine is widely consumed as well as high saturated fat food. Also, the French smoke more cigarettes and exercise less. In spite of this, they have lower rates of coronary disease, hence the name, French Paradox.


According to the hypothesis review, medical experts believed that wine was the secret. City Club speaker R Curtis Ellison, MD concluded that regular and moderate consumption of wine lowers the risk of coronary disease. Also, Dr Ellison, an international authority on heart disease and diet, opined that the components of red wine may be responsible for this result.


While it’s true that drinking too much can cause a lot of health issues, no one really worries about drinking in moderation. Obviously, there’s a risk factor to over-consumption of alcohol. This could range from heart disease to cancer. However, research has revealed that moderate drinking is also harmful to the health.


Science reveals that any amount of drinking is bad for you

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Studies have shown that people who drink any kind of alcohol in moderation — wine, beer, spirits — have lower rates of heart disease. Also, they have a lower risk of obesity, diabetes and depression than people who either abstain or who drink heavily. However, there’s no proof that alcohol is solely responsible for the result.


Therefore, it’s impossible to know if drinking moderately is responsible for the health result or if most moderate drinkers are simply wealthy, smoke less, if at all, and eat healthily. This may be the result of their good health.


However, another research reveals that any alcohol consumption, even a drink a day, increases the risk of b****t cancer. While it does keep the heart in good shape by decreasing the risk of heart disease, it’s not 100% safe. Alcohol is addictive and may cause damage to many other organs besides your heart.


A study by Time that says any amount of drinking is bad for you


“People who drink moderately are healthier than people who don’t drink. But that doesn’t mean the drinking caused them to be healthier,” says University of Minnesota social epidemiologist Toben Nelson.


So, while we all enjoy a good wine now and then, it’s important to realise that it’s not so healthy after all. Sorry to burst your bubble!

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