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Sci-Fi Movie, Underwater Enters Theatres On Friday 10th January 2020

The first major budget sci-fi film of the year, Underwater will be out this Friday 10th January 2020.


This movie has an official trailer out on YouTube that uses the best part of its entire 2:18s length to build anticipation for this fast-paced thriller. Watch the trailer below:



Directed by William Eubank, this movie has a budget of $80 million. Already, online movie and video streaming services, IMDb gives it a rating of 6.6/10. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes scores the film 40%. 89% of Google Users like the movie already.


Despite these encouragements, Underwater may not appeal to many. But take note that Peter Chernin is the producer of this movie. Notable works from Chernin in the past include the trilogy of The Planets of Apes.


Also, he produced The Greatest Showman, Red Sparrow, Oblivion and the recent Ford v. Ferrari. Considering how much you must have enjoyed these movies, you will likely want to see this one as well.


As the title suggests, Underwater is about a research crew that is 5,000 miles from land and seven miles underwater surface. According to the trailer, their problems begin after their activities cause an earthquake.

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Besides destroying the vessel, it awakens what we will likely see to be a CGI generated monster. To survive, the captain tells his team that they have to walk (underwater) to the station.


Hunted and without enough oxygen, the underwater crew and their predator set in motion a must-see sci-fi movie. 20th Century Fox distributes the movie.


It also boasts of an impressive cast that stars Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr, Mamoudu Atthie and T.J. Miller.


Put your plans in place to see this movie by the end of the week. Before the spoiler snippets and tweets start to drop and ruin all the excitement for you.


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