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Scalper Bots Are The Reason You Can’t Order A PS5 Online!

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So far, It is so difficult getting a PS5 on sites like Amazon and Facebook Market Place. It’s not entirely a lack of the next-gen console but more of bots snatching up the available consoles before you’ll be able to lay your hands on them.


Customers are being outwitted by a so-called ‘scalper bot’ software. Resellers are using the bot to snatch up products online and relist them moments later with significant mark-ups on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.


The bots have also previously targeted essential goods earlier in the year due to the pandemic; making it harder for shoppers to shop physically. According to Reuters, the bots have even snatched grocery delivery slots reserved for elderly people in Britain.

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Scalper bots were first used in concert ticketing and limited-edition sneaker markets some years ago. The bot lets resellers cutting to the front of the online queue, after which they can resell later


Although some stores vow to step up cybersecurity measures, the scalper bot still rules the online shopping world. Other stores have spread out availability; or offered products only to a handful of established customers to convert the issue.


“Given bot scripts are constantly evolving and being re-written, we’ve built, deployed, and continuously update our own bot-detection tools that allow us to successfully block the vast majority of bots. Online volume has already been high this year due to COVID, and the release of next-gen consoles is creating traffic volume and patterns that have never been seen before,” a Walmart spokesman said to Reuters.


The retailer blocked more than 20 million bot attempts within the first 30 minutes of a PS5 sales event on 25th November 2020. It also says it took other preventative measures in combating the bots.



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