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Save $20-$36 A Year On YouTube Premium And Music Premium Right Now

YouTube is currently running a discount save on its Music and Video premium yearly plans right now. This will run until January 23rd 2022, and it’s available to new and existing YouTube Premium and Music subscribers.

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Subscribers can now save up to $36, as YouTube Is making changes to its yearly plan. The new premium annual plan currently sells for $107.99, which is $36 less than the monthly $143.88 price a year.

While YouTube Premium Music subscribers annual rate stands at $89.99 it will increase to $119.88 after January 23rd 2022. If You buy into the discount right now before then, you will be saving almost $30 monthly.

YouTube Music is rolling out free background listening soon, the feature is coming first to users in Canada. This becomes available for Canadians on November 3, 2021. Background listening has been available for its close rival apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.

Don’t Stop the Music

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The music streaming company announced on October 4 2021, that the new feature will be available for Canadians first and then later others. Background listening allows users to listen to music when their screens are off or while accessing other apps.

The global rollout for background listening isn’t known yet, the slightest of information reaching us is “stay tuned for additional information and expansion plans.”

Users can still subscribe to the monthly $11.99 Premium Plan or the $9.99 Music Premium plan. These services offer a free 7 days free trailer for new users until subscription kicks in. It makes sense to utilise YouTube’s discount, although this plan isn’t available to family and student subscribers. It is only available in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, India, Germany, Thailand and Japan.



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