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SAS And Microsoft Azure Partner To Improve AI And Analytics In Cloud

“Welcome to the empowered cloud,” SAS says as it announces its partnership with Microsoft cloud computing service, Azure.


In its own right, SAS is an analytics company that focuses on cloud technology. Its main service involves design and delivery of software, infrastructure and services in a managed environment. It is an enterprise service provider.


The two companies, SAS and Microsoft Azure, say that their collaboration will accelerate the power of AI for everyone. They will combine technology that will determine how AI and analytics in cloud will turn out in the future, according to a communication they released.


“SAS and Microsoft Azure make it easy to run your data, analytics and AI workloads in the cloud. Now every person in every organization can unlock critical insights on the path to digital transformation. And make decisions that are automated, trusted and analytically driven,” the companies wrote.

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Partners who begin using the SAS and Microsoft Azure software will be able to access many tools. There are managed application services that allows SAS manage production SAS environments on Azure. SAS will offer both hosted and remote services on Azure which will maximise value and uptime.


Additionally, SAS is offering container deployments to migrate production of its workloads to Azure. With this, a company’s data science team can execute the workloads with flexibility and efficiency.


Also, SAS is redesigning its AI, analytic and data management platform — SAS Viya — to run on Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Synapse and other Microsoft services so partners can get the most out of their cloud investments.


Many of the companies that have been using either SAS Viya or Azure services are thrilled about the partnership. Steve White, Program Vice President, Channels & Alliances at IDC said, “The partnership between SAS as a leader in the analytics space, and Microsoft as a leader in cloud, makes for an interesting strategic alliance. With SAS planning to build integrations across Microsoft’s entire cloud portfolio (Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power BI) it opens up a lot of joint solution potential.”


He is not alone in this sentiment. Curtis Dudley, Vice President of Data Analytics at Mercy wrote, “We’re excited about the potential for increased speed, scalability and an expanded catalog of analytics solutions the SAS and Microsoft partnership brings in helping us deliver a new care model.”


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