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Samsung’s Next Fold Smartphone To Have Superfast Charging

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Samsung’s next fold smartphone will have “superfast” charging abilities, according to a code uncovered in the latest version of One UI, Samsung’s Android interface.


Specifically, the code string which reads “bloom_front_charging_effect_superfast” allegedly refers to an animation file for the next Galaxy Fold.


Samsung's Next Fold Smartphone To Have Superfast Charging
Leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S11


This animation will be displayed on a small outer LED display that shows on the cover of its clamshell that is similar to the Motorola Razr.


“Super Fast Charging” for a Samsung device likely means support for 25W or 45W power delivery when plugged into an outlet.


At the moment, this charging speed is available on the Galaxy S10 5G and both the Note 10 and Note 10+.

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The next Galaxy Fold smartphone will certainly have two internal batteries running side by side, separated by the folding mechanism like the current fold. Although, XDA Developers say one of the batteries could to be relatively small.

Samsung’s new battery health feature

Samsung is also introducing a new battery health feature that could work with the Galaxy S11 (S20) and Fold 2. However, it will also work with other phones. It would allow other Samsung users to also monitor the overall health of their device batteries over time. This will enable owners better understand when their batteries are beginning to wear out and if performance may suffer.


Apple has had this feature on their iPhones for quite a few years and it helps users to know when their phone’s battery is starting to show its age.


Oppo also recently unveiled a super-fast charging technology that can fill a 4,000mAh phone from 0-100 in under 30 minutes.


Samsung is expected to unveil its clamshell Galaxy Fold at an event alongside the Galaxy S11/S20 in February 2020.


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