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Samsung’s Foldable Phones Are Already Going Bad!

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Samsung has barely released the new $2000 Galaxy Fold phones into the market and there are already many complaints. Earlier in the week, Samsung sent the phones out to journalists for review. This has not gone very well for the tech phone giants.


Many reviewers took to social media to complain about the screens actually breaking. Samsung released a statement a few hours after saying that it was investigating the issues.




Samsung admitted that it had received some reports of damage on the main display and it will thoroughly inspect to see what the issue is. They, however, explained that removing the screen protector might be the source of the problem. It was one of the warnings on the phone.



More damage

Some reviewers who did not remove the film that covers the phone that seems like a screen protector also had major issues with the phone. The crease in the middle of the phone had been an issue that was pointed out earlier when the phone was announced but, apparently, that is not all that’s wrong.




There were also speculations that the technology might still be fragile when journalists were not allowed to get too close to the phone at the reveal.


This is a huge setback for the company which bragged about the latest technology earlier in the year at the Mobile World Conference MWC2019. The galaxy fold became the talk of the town and many regarded it as a very impressive work of engineering.


Meanwhile, some other reviewers had no problems with it.




The phone is originally set for release to the public on 26th April 2019 same as Avengers: Endgame and this special PlayStation game.

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