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Samsung’s 1,000-Inch 2021 MicroLED Display Has Improved Color/Design

Samsung is releasing its 2021 version of its 1,000-inch MicroLED display today, popularly known as the Wall.

This is the company’s latest version, of its gigantic 1,000 inches size Wall tv. Samsung Electronics says this boundary-pushing modular display, is capable of creating an expansive canvas for showcasing content.

The 1,000 MicroLED Display TV is primarily targeting businesses, with its new AI processing technology, and updated 120Hz frame rates.

This year’s version has numerous installation options. Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics mentioned

The 2021 Wall TV can be installed in these positions: Concave, ceiling, convex, inclined, L-type, and Inclined.

“Samsung is dedicated to creating the most innovative displays for those at the forefront of video creation and brand experiences,”

Calling “The 2021 The Wall is our most immersive and versatile display yet, giving businesses complete control to create their dream environments.”

Samsung 2021 TV Display

With a peak brightness of 1,600 nits, the MicroLED Display uses up to 16 different neural network models. Each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology.

Its Micro AI processor can optimize picture quality up to 8k resolution, enhancing contrast and removing noise at a 16:9 ratio.

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Samsung uses a Black Seal Technology which engulfs the screen with perfect uniformity for deeper blacks.

This MicroLED Display has an Ultra Chroma technology that produces narrower wavelengths that create RGB colors as twice as its predecessor.

Samsung has shrunk each LED down 40% in comparison to its predecessor. This allows for a purer black space, and higher picture contrast.

The gigantic display is capable of 8K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. The Wall TV is capable of producing 16K resolution when configured Horizontally.

Samsung includes four picture-by-picture screens. so businesses can display four different content sources simultaneously in 4K resolution.

Samsung's MicroLED display

For safety, TÜV Rheinland awards the wall TV an Eye Comfort Certification for minimal blue light emission. It’s EMC Class B certification minimizes electromagnetic waves for safe installation in homes.

This 2021 Samsung TV is currently available in select markets today, however there is no official price for the monster of a screen.



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