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Samsung Wins Deal To Manufacture Qualcomm Snapdragon 4-Series 5G Chipsets

Qualcomm remains the world leader in the smartphone chipset industry and it has now announced that Samsung will be in charge of fabricating its coming Snapdragon 4-series chipsets for affordable 5G devices.


In 2019, after Qualcomm and other processor-making firms began designing 5G chipsets, the company had promised not to abandon cheaper and older models. Thus, on 3rd September 2020, Qualcomm said it will start making Snapdragon 4-series chipsets with 5G capabilities.


However, its foundries are still focused on making higher-end processor like the Snapdragon 8-series and 7-series. This made it vital for Qualcomm to outsource the fabrication of 5G Snapdragon 4-series chipsets.


After negotiations, Qualcomm chose to make a deal with Samsung’s foundry business arm. The details of this deal is not yet available. But we know that it will further improve Samsung’s stake in the chipset industry.

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Making Snapdragon 4-series 5G chipsets will mean that more affordable smartphones will have the latest network connectivity. This is, as opposed to making it available for only high-end smartphones that launch with throat-cutting expensive pricing.


The Snapdragon 4-series chipsets have about five processors under the name. There is the Snapdragon 460, 450, 439, 435 and 429. These are all mobile platform processors and except the 460s, all the others are ARM Cortex chipsets.


Earlier in 2020, Samsung had failed to acquire the deal to make the flagship Snapdragon chipsets. Qualcomm had given that business to rivals, TSMC. But, Samsung had won deals with Nvidia for its 8N processors and IBM for its Power10 processors.


Xiaomi had also boasted that it will launch the first 5G smartphone using the Snapdragon 4-series chipsets in September 2020.


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