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Samsung Unveil Bluetooth S Pen, Under Armour Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Book S And More Devices

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Samsung unveiled a line of new devices yesterday, August 7, 2019. The Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus and its 5G variants. But that was not all, the tech giants also unveiled other products like the Under Armour edition of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Bluetooth S Pen, and the Galaxy Book S.

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The S Pen

The S Pen was also introduced with new features like Bluetooth and accelerometer. The device has been redesigned such that it can connect to other devices via Bluetooth. This would mean it will be able to work with other devices apart from the Note 10.


Galaxy S Pen
The Bluetooth S Pen


It will also be able to convert handwritten notes into Word documents, not just in English, but other languages too. The S Pen now has an accelerometer and gyroscope that make it possible to control the device remotely from a reasonable distance. The pen can also be hovered over the Note to change camera modes, fast forward and rewind a video on YouTube.

Note 10’s camera also has an interesting Augmented Reality Doodle mode that lets users draw or write things onto a photo. You can use the tool to make a custom filter of some sort for individual pictures.


Samsung DeX Platform

Samsung DeX Platform

The Samsung DeX platform now works with laptops in the most recent updates. This is the platform that lets the Note act like a computer. Once connected to the laptop with a USB cord, it will allow you to use the Note on the laptop. This support works for both Windows and Mac systems.

Notifications will now be mirrored onto the PC and you will be able to use the keyboard, mouse with the Note 10. Microsoft has also now revealed that Windows computers will soon start supporting calls from the PC via DeX. It would mean you will be able to take calls from your computer once it’s connected to the Note.


Galaxy Book S

Galaxy Book S with Bluetooth S Pen
Samsung Galaxy Book S

Another great revelation is Samsung’s new Galaxy Book S laptop. It is a 13.3-inch touchscreen Windows 10 device that offers up to 23 hours of battery life. The Galaxy Book S runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chips and comes with LTE connectivity.

So it’s pretty much like a laptop-smartphone if your imagination can stretch that far. It also charges with a USB-C charger and comes in pink and grey. The device is expected to be out for sale next month at $999 (approximately ₦362,000).

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has unveiled a new edition of the recently announced Galaxy Watch Active 2. This new edition has been dubbed the Under Armour. The watch will log running activities through the MapMyRun app. It can also work as a standalone phone with audio capacity. It also has a Wireless PowerShare mode where it can get charged from the back of the Galaxy phone. This device would cost only $309 (approximately ₦112,000).

Samsung has also revealed that it will add an app to Samsung phones where they can learn about the Sustainable Development Goals SDG. Users can use the app to donate money to a global course.

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Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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