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Samsung Teases Edge-To-Edge View And Other Features Of Its QLED TV

The Samsung QLED TV is coming and the company has just given us a peek into what to expect from the next generation of viewing.


In a Twitter post on Tuesday 4th August 2020, Samsung posted:


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The Samsung QLED TVs will feature a minimalistic design that eliminates anything extra to give users maximum viewing pleasure. Its edge-to-edge view will almost totally eliminate bezels at all sides of the infinity screen.


Also, it will feature a sleek ultra-slim design that does not appear to take up space, no matter how big the screen size is. It will come mounted on a stand and tilted back at an angle that cannot be adjusted.


Samsung Teases Edge-To-Edge View And Features Of Its Coming QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV featuring no wall gap wall-mount. Photo: Samsung.


Samsung QLED TVs will come with an ambient mode. The Ambient Mode+ enables it to blend into its surroundings. Thus, when you take a picture of it with your phone, its screen will generate a virtual image pattern of your wall on its screen (pictured in Tweet above).


Additionally, its all-in-one cable allows users to arrange wires neatly. It uses a wall-mount that removes the regular wall-TV gap. As for its resolution, the Samsung QLED TV offers a screen resolution of 8K.


It offers sound innovations and other smart TV functionalities as well. The Samsung QLED TV has a large screen that measures up to 98 inches.


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