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Samsung steals an Apple expert in rare poaching case

Kim Woo-Pyeong, an Apple semiconductor expert, is leaving the Silicon Valley company to work for rivals Samsung. While it is not strange for tech experts to switch allegiances, an employee of Pyeong’s level was expected to stay with Apple until likely starting his own company.

According to Business Korea’s report, he would lead Samsung’s newly formed Packaging Solution Center in Device Solution America (DSA).

Kim Woo-Pyeong had previously worked for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, and his chipset experience is likely why he is a valuable addition to the Korean electronics giants.

Sources say that Samsung is focused on developing tech for packaging because chipmakers are trying to improve this process to reduce the issues that come with ultramicro fabrication processes.

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In April, we reported that Samsung was banding with Oppo to make chipsets that would beat Apple’s A Series. Its decision came after its in-house Exynos processors failed to reach the desired processing level despite swallowing investments and consuming time.

Adding Woo-Pyeong, a seasoned industry engineer, to its team is another step closer to being the next smartphone processor expert. In June 2022, Samsung had taken another major leap as it beat rivals TSMC to start producing 3nm chips, which are expected to be about 25 per cent more efficient than the 5nm chips currently in use. It claimed to have found a way to make its fabrication process more efficient than when it made the former chipsets.

This claim is undoubtedly being backed up by its move on an Apple expert.

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