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Samsung Says It May Not Ship A Galaxy Note At All In 2021

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Samsung warns that it might not be able to ship a Galaxy Note phone at all in 2021. In its annual shareholders’ meeting, the company cites difficulties in launching two flagship phones in one year according to Bloomberg.


“[The] Note series is positioned as a high-end model in our business portfolio. It could be a burden to unveil two flagship models in a year so it might be difficult to release [a] Note model in 2H. The timing of [the] Note model launch can be changed but we seek to release a Note model next year,” mobile chief DJ Koh said.

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The popular consensus is that the global semiconductor shortage could be what’s affecting Samsung after all, the company recently spoke out about the gravity of the shortage. Samsung said the semiconductor shortage could likely affect its business next quarter.


However, the issues that could cause a delay or cancellation of a 2021 Galaxy Note is not semiconductor-related. Koh says it’s more about streamlining the lineup, as reported by Bloomberg.


Samsung had planned to “bring some of the most beloved features of the Galaxy Note to more device categories in 2021”.  A Yonhap report says that Samsung still plans to release a Galaxy Note in 2021. This may mean it’s planning on something different for the Galaxy Note or not. We just have to wait and see either way.



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