You are currently viewing Samsung repair mode is the new privacy protection you need
Samsung repair mode is the new privacy protection you need

Samsung repair mode is the new privacy protection you need

Samsung is bringing a new feature to protect your data called repair mode; here is everything you need to know about it.

In a translated press release, the company explained that the feature allows you to pick which data you want to keep hidden while your phone is with a technician for repair.

This feature will likely come in handy for users with very sensitive data or anyone who values their privacy- which is all of us.

From experience, some technicians or their apprentices have been fingered as being behind several viral leaked online videos. In some instances, they wait for months and then start to blackmail customers with the data they obtained. They could also get hold of your finances if you leave your banking details on your device.

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When the feature launches, it will be in your Samsung smartphone’s Battery and Device Care section under Settings. Some details that are typically protected once the repair mode is active include photos, messages, and accounts. Also, only default installed apps would be accessible.

You will have to reboot the device if you activate the repair mode protection. So, when the technician finishes, you will have to exit the mode, reboot your phone, and enter your pattern or fingerprint to resume using it as usual.

Samsung will introduce the feature through the next update coming to Galaxy S21 series before rolling it for other future models.

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