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Samsung Pulls Ad Trolling Apple Because It’s Doing The Same Thing

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Samsung has reportedly been deleting an ad poking fun at Apple for not shipping the iPhone 12 with a charger in the box. According to rumours, the reason it’s doing that is because of its plans to do the same with its Galaxy S21 phones.


Samsung Caribbean made the post in October 2020 with a picture of a charging brick with the caption “Included with your Galaxy”  according to 9to5Google.


Samsung has now deleted the Facebook post fueling the rumours that Samsung won’t be including a charger with its phones. Photo: Samsung (via 9to5Google)


This isn’t Samsung’s first time it has taken back an ad poking fun at Apple after doing the same thing they mocked Apple for. When it launched the Galaxy Note 10 without a headphone jack, Samsung deleted ads poking fun at the iPhone X for not having the same jack.

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Unlike Apple, Samsung Galaxy S21 will ship with the standard USB-C cable for charging who chose to change the cable for the iPhone 12 to USB-C to lighning. This meant that the iPhone owners couldn’t use the previous USB-A brick, as the cable included in the iPhone 12’s box was USB-C to Lightning.


For users of Samsung Galaxy S10, they’ll have to get an entirely new charging brick as their PC comes with a USB-A charging brick.  However, they will be able to use their old cable in the new Galxay S21 because Samsung will not change the USB-C charging port.



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