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Samsung Plans To Build A New $17 Billion Chip Mega Factory In Texas

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Samsung has announced it will be building a new mega $17 billion chip factory in Texas. The South Korean company aims to boost its chip-making market share with this new factory.

Samsung Plans To Build A New $17 Billion Chip Mega Factory In Texas
Samsung Store


This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, this new factory will be on 1,200 acres of land. This means it will be larger than its Austin plant just 30 miles away from the new Taylor factory.

Samsung says that construction of the Taylor factory will begin the next year in 2022 and chip production will begin by 2024.  Kinam Kim, Vice-chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Device Solution said in a statement that

“With greater manufacturing capacity, we will be able to better serve the needs of our customers and contribute to the stability of the global semiconductor supply chain.”

“As we add a new facility in Taylor, Samsung is laying the groundwork for another important chapter in our future.”

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Samsung has announced its next-gen RAM technology that will be powering the metaverse and mobile phones. The company says these chips will be used in future cars and servers.

Samsung Announces Its Next-gen RAM Powering Metaverse And Phones

The semiconductor company is promising its newer LPDDR5X RAM chips offers people a chance to enter the “digital reality.” According to Samsung, this will also offer 1.3x processing speeds compared to its current LPDDR5 chips.

As the pandemic flaunted through the past months. There has been a high demand for data servers, smartphones, and personal computers for remote work. All of which require memory chips to work.

Samsung Plans To Build A New $17 Billion Chip Mega Factory In Texas
Samsung’s Texas Factory

The company’s new Taylor plant will help increase chip production in the factory. Samsung will also be making plans to cater to its need for chips and for other manufacturing companies.


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