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Samsung and Oppo collaborate to make chipsets better than Apple’s A series

Samsung and Oppo are coming together to make smartphone chips that will knock Apple’s A-series off its perch.

There is nothing better than a healthy competition to bring end consumers the best things—android versus iOS, Windows versus macOS versus Linux, etc. The tech industry has grown because no one can afford to get comfortable for too long.

With the A15, Apple’s latest chip for iPhones, it seemed that the silicon valley trillion-dollar company had finally won the war. Not to forget SnapDragon practically being the go-to processor for Android phones. However, their era of dominance is nearing its end.

After trying to get its in-house Exynos processor to the A series level and failing, Samsung turns to an industry rival for help. According to The Paradise, Oppo’s Mariana X chip can perform 18 trillion AI calculations per second and has already beaten the A15 computing score.

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In an all-hands meeting, Samsung’s president and head of MX business let the cat out of the bag. He touted the coming chip as one-of-a-kind and the solution to the company’s Game Optimization Service (GOS) dispute.

Not much else is available on the partnership between the two phone makers. It is not yet clear if MediaTek, another chip industry giant, is involved in the deal because Samsung’s coming Galaxy S22 FE and next-gen Galaxy S23 will be launching with MediaTek chip. We are not sure if this is the chip that was built on Oppo’s Mariana X tech or if that one is still coming.

Regardless, given the rumoured performances, this chip should close the gulf between Samsung and its competitors.

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