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Samsung May Be Developing Yet Another Foldable Phone

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Samsung is yet to unveil its foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. However, the company currently holds a patent for another kind of foldable smartphone. The design shows a twist that would make it similar to the flip phones.


This comes after Samsung encountered problems with the Galaxy Fold earlier in the year. There were reports of the screen malfunctioning after reviewers tried to give feedback on the device. After several delays, the company has now confirmed that it is bringing the phone back in September. It confirmed that it had made some critical changes.


The Samsung patent shows that the smartphone will fold on the topside and lower half. Each fold will also have its perk. The patent has been filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The new device will look like a regular smartphone when it is unfolded.


Sasmsung Galaxy Foldable Phone


However, the specifics of how this phone will look is yet to be discussed in the patent. Although, judging from the patent, it will look very different from the Galaxy Fold. As the later pretty much looks like a foldable tablet device.


The lower half fold will house the part of the screen that has the phone’s camera open. It is expected to improve the experience of taking selfies. The exposed part will also show the camera feed of the device.


Meanwhile, the upper half would turn the phone into a music player as it opens to reveal the speakers and the screen will show the music player.


We will see if Samsung can pull the foldable phone technology off this time.

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