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Samsung Is Releasing A 64-Megapixel Camera Phone

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South Korean tech phone giant Samsung announced a new image sensor for mobile phones that will have a higher resolution than anything else in the market.


The 64-megapixel sensor, called ISOCELL Bright GW1, uses the same 0.8 micrometre-seized pixels as Samsung’s current 48-megapixel component. This means that it will be a physically larger sensor that will have the capacity to capture even more light.


The Bright GW1 will produce 16-megapixel images by merging four pixels into one. This will work just like the 48-megapixel sensors turn out 12-megapixel photos by default. The new sensor will also be able to change the colour filter to allow a full-resolution 64-megapixel photo in good lighting.


Samsung 64-Megapixel Camera


The IMX586 48-megapixel by Sony already has a similar capacity. However, Samsung’s does not. They announced an updated 48-megapixel one with the same features.


A lot of phones now have 48-megapixel cameras, so it’s no longer a new concept. Phones like Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung and Oppo all already have devices with the 48-megapixel sensors. Meanwhile, the new 64-megapixel by Samsung will be mass produced for public consumption in the second half of 2019.


The new release date for a foldable Samsung phone

In other news, Samsung is planning a new release date for the Galaxy Fold smartphone. Reviewers detected some serious screen problems when the first batch of the phone came out for review. The company now says they have reviewed the defect which they say was caused by substances that entered into the device. They say they will now reach a conclusion on the new launch date based on this information.


Galaxy Fold Screen Broken


It seems like Samsung has now found a solution to the screen problems the new device is having. According to reports, Samsung plans to improve the durability of the hinge’s exposed areas and will reduce the gap between the protective layer and the screen’s bezels. Some of the screen problems were caused by reviewers trying to remove the outer layer they thought was a screen protector.


The company post postponed the launch date of the phone because of these issues. Samsung originally planned to release the Galaxy Fold as scheduled on 26th April 2019. However, it could cancel pre-orders if the phone does not get shipped by 31stvMay. The company did not give an exact date of release yet.

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