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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Sold Out In Many Stores Moments After It Began Selling

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip became available on Valentine’s Day 14th February 2020 and moments later stores were out of stock as they were sold out. In a massive buying rampage, Samsung fans exhausted its first foldable phone within minutes.


While there had been earlier apprehension regarding the entrance of foldable phones, it seems it has not been resolved. Many had believed that hinge issues would prove to be the downfall of the phone.


This was because Samsung had released an earlier version of the foldable device that had to be reworked. However, Samsung had fixed the issue by using special fibres to protect dust from entering and possibly damaging the screen.


At the launch on 11th February 2020, three days before the release, the company had announced other smartphones alongside it. Despite the clear difference in the specifications — with the S20s being superior — the Galaxy Z Flip was still the main attraction of the event.

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Its reputation and uniqueness preceded its release and pushed its sales to unpredicted levels. Stores in the United States reportedly sold all the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip units they had. Twitter users have been reacting to this achievement:



This is not unique to Best Buy stores as AT&T another US store popular for phone sales also sold out. Other tweets revealed that it was also sold out in not just the US, similar reports came out from Singapore and Indonesia as well.



While this may not mean much to those concerned about its performance, it shows that Samsung is the king of hype. Customers can still purchase the phone online by visiting its website.


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