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Samsung Galaxy S11 May Come With Four Back Cameras, See Their Functions

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It is generally believed that the Samsung Galaxy S series phones will come with either four or five rear cameras. The metrics setting each camera apart has however remained unknown.


Android Police has revealed this information based on the software powering them. Also, from some uncovered code strings, here are four possible cameras the S11 may feature:


S11's camera functions revealed


Director’s View:

In theory, once users select a subject, be it a person or an object within the viewfinder and force the camera to focus on that point while filming a video.


The camera would continue to focus on the target, even if the camera or the target is moving. Director’s View may also be able to change lenses during a shot for better close-up shots.


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Single Take Camera:

When taking a photo with many subjects in the frame, it can be difficult to get a perfect shot where everyone in the frame is looking and smiling at the camera.


Single Take Photo feature could help shoot the best picture by monitoring the scene and taking a shot when the details are optimal.

Pro Video:

This was originally launched with the Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2015. Pro Mode suddenly then went missing to many users’ chagrin. However, the feature will likely make a comeback and would allow users to manually adjust the image exposure, shutter speed, color tone, and ISO.

Bokeh Effects:

As an addition to the Live Focus mode that launched with the Samsung Galaxy Note8, Samsung could add four new effects called Artify, Mono, Sidelight, and Vintage.


We await the coming of these new camera features to test it ourselves.


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