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Samsung Drops Price Of Galaxy S20 5G By 20% And It Is Not Even Black Friday Yet

Samsung has dropped the price of the just-released S20 5G from $1,000 to $799.99 for a limited time as smartphones suffer poor sales. This deal is currently running on Amazon.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G was part of the suite of devices that the company launched at its Unpacked Event in February 2020. It unveiled three smartphones under the S20 umbrella which includes S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra.


One smartphone that caught people’s attention at the event the most was the Galaxy Z Flip. The flagship device was to be a testament to the fact that Samsung had mastered the art of creating a foldable glass screen. Many already know how this unraveled, you can see more here: Samsung flip already unraveling?


Now, weeks after it entered the market at a starting price of $1,000, its price has been slashed to below 20% on Amazon. Thus, you can buy the flagship smartphone for $799.99.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a 120Hz AMOLED display, upgraded cameras and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor. It also has expandable storage for its already inbuilt 128GB.


Another impressive feature is the fact that it can access the 5G network and it is also water-resistance. It supports wireless charging as well. For now, there is no information on how long the Amazon deal will last.


As the coronavirus pandemic keeps endangering lives and affecting businesses, it is expected that companies start to slash prices.


Samsung announced today that it is shutting down all its factories in India due to the spread of the virus. The company said that its factories will remain shut until 25th March 2020. However, the Indian government has mandated that the country’s capital, New Delhi will be on strict shutdown until 31st 2020.


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