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Samsung Debuts Its New Brand Sound To Appeal To Young Folks

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Samsung kicked off its CES 2021 announcements with a new brand sound, ‘The Voyage’; complemented by a new animation of the company’s letter mark logo.


Created by sound designers specializing in creating sound for product functions, Samsung claims that The Voyage represents its “overall brand identity”; and is the first time that the firm will be communicating directly with its consumers via a brand sound. In line with the company’s iconic sounds like ‘Over the Horizon’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’, the new melody presents a simplified musical scale so that the brand sound can be used in a broad range of applications.

The basic melody of the new brand sound consists of four simple notes. ‘Do’, the tonic note, symbolizes the reliability and stability of Samsung products. The inflection notes in the middle represent the willingness to meet challenges and continue moving forward. ‘Re’ is the last tension note; and expresses the company’s hope and excitement for the future. These four notes together create a sound that encapsulates the spirit of the ‘Relentless Pioneer’ – the brand persona of Samsung Electronics, which never stops challenging itself and innovating to improve the consumer experience.

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Overall, The Voyage accentuates Samsung’s efforts to be “young and playful” so that it can appeal to “the Millennial and GenZ generations, in a more friendly and flexible manner.” The South Korean tech giant plans to develop various arrangements of this melody for marketing activities while maintaining a single motif. If you are interested, Samsung has posted a bunch of variants on its blog post already.



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