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Samsung Already Owns More Than 50% Of 5G Smartphones’ Market

Samsung allegedly controls as much as 53% of the 5G market with its proactive move of shipping 6.7 million 5G smartphones by early 2020.


While the rest of the world is still planning on how to put the 5G network to good use, the electronic giants have taken a huge leap. They have claimed more than half of the market and may take over more.


According to the company’s spokesperson, in 2019, it had made its latest Galaxy phones compatible with 5G. Making about 6.7 million of them available between 2019 and 2020. This is a major move as the improved network connectivity is still in its testing stages across the world.


Smartphones like the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G are capable of operating on the high-end 5G network connectivity. They were supplied in large quantities into the market last year. As of September 2019, the company said it has 2 million of the phones in the market. But by 2nd January 2020, Samsung had added over 4 million to that number.

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Samsung 5G market
Hyun-Suk Kim, CEO of Samsung Electronics.


It does not look like it will be relenting anytime soon. Speaking on its ambition for the year, it says:


“Samsung will continue to lead the market in 5G innovation by introducing new advancements that will improve the speed, performance and security of Galaxy 5G devices even further. 


This continued leadership will give even more people access to new mobile experiences that change the way they watch and interact with movies, TV and sports, play games and talk with friends and family.”


We cannot wait for the entrance of the 5G network into the mainstream. Then the world can see firsthand the performance of this connectivity on devices.


Of course, later in 2020, we expect the competition for the market to increase between major playmakers. But Samsung is currently in the position of advantage and would likely not relinquish its hold easily.


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