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Samsung Android 11

Samsung Allegedly Testing Android 11 Already As Google Sets Release Date For Late 2020

Sammobile reports that Samsung is already testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S10+. Google had revealed that the latest operating system (OS) will be coming to Android devices late in 2020 or early 2021.


This later information was revealed by Tech Crunch when it posted about the OS’ preview. According to Samsung’s S10+ latest data entry, the device allegedly runs Android R, which following Google’s naming culture points at its newest Android version.


While Samsung will likely be unable to use the programme until Google allows it for other devices, it is quite impressive. There is not much detail about what sets Android R apart from its predecessor Android Q.


However, there will likely be some changes. The Android Q had not had a nickname like the versions before it. This had seemed disappointing to Android enthusiasts.

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Before the Android 10 — which became known as Android Q — Google had used the letters to coin names for it from desserts. There had been some remarkable names like Ice Cream Sandwich, Oreo, Marshmallow, Cupcake and so on.


The company had mentioned new privacy and security enhancements among other new things coming with the new operating system. Users are to expect an upgrade on biometric scans and other improved levels of security.


Meanwhile, Samsung devices would get updates for the Android 11 when it becomes available. This is in line with the mobile phone company’s policy of giving at least two major software updates during a phone’s lifetime. Therefore, those using Galaxy devices running originally on Android 9 (Pie) should expect update permissions when it gets ready for the public.


Samsung has been making major market moves recently. It has released smartphones that are capable of using the 5G network. Most recently, it launched a foldable phone as well as other new phones like the S20s.


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