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Samsung A71 5G Set For Release On 19th June 2020, See Specifications And Price

Samsung said today, 15th June 2020, that its A71 5G will arrive in US markets by Friday, 19th June 2020. See some of the specifications as well as the price of the coming Samsung A71.


While Samsung had announced the smartphone in April 2020, the pandemic had likely delayed it entering other markets until now. Many news outlets are already tagging it as the ‘cheapest 5G phone’ in the market. This is because the Samsung A71 will be launching at $599.99 (NGN 232,112). See some of its unique features below:


First, the Samsung A71 will support 5G network connectivity. However, it only supports the low-band 5G which is also called the Vanilla. The others, Mid-band 5G (chocolate) and high-band 5G (strawberry), will be out of its range. This is not bad considering that not many areas currently have access to higher 5G networks.

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Also, it is worth noting that Samsung A71 will be made of plastic (except its Aluminum frame and glass front). This will set it further apart from higher-end Samsung smartphones like the S-series made of metallic glass-like materials. It will also appear to be near bezel-less with edge-to-edge screen and full-frontal glass.


In the camera department, the smartphone will have four rear cameras with a 64MP shooter leading its working. Its 12MP ultra-wide lens will have a 123 degrees’ capacity, while its macro cam and depth cam are both 5MP lenses.


Meanwhile, a 4500mAh battery will power it and it comes with a 25W super-fast charging capacity to refill the battery in no time. For better performance, the Samsung A71 comes with an 8GB RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage. This can be extended with a microSD card of up to 512GB. It will come with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.


When the Samsung A71 launches on Friday, 15th June 2020, people can only buy via T-Mobile stores for now.


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