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Five Safety Tips For Living Alone

The world we live in is very unkind and dangerous to women. Living alone as a woman is not only dangerous; it is also something most landlords are s*xist about. If and when you finally get a place to yourself, you’re going to need to keep yourself safe as best you can. Today we will be dropping some safety tips you will need as a woman living alone.


1. Check and fix all your locks

When you move into a house, make sure to check all the locks on the windows and the doors. Make rounds every night and ensure they are locked. No one will do that for you if you’re living alone. Immediately repair every lock that goes bad. Also, get an extra latch for the door so you have unpickable security.


safety tips for living alone

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2. Always lock the door

Whether you’re going out to a store at the corner or on a walk, always lock your doors. Make sure no one has access to your house and your keys except you. Even if you’re at home, lock the doors. If someone knocks, don’t open the door until you confirm who is on the other side.


3. Make friends in your neighbourhood

You cannot be the only one looking out for yourself. Make friends in your neighbourhood so there can be someone helping you keep watch over things when you’re not around. If you are friendly to neighbours, they’ll be more willing and eager to help you when the chips fall.


4. Have friends over regularly

Creeps, stalkers, and thieves see women living alone as easy targets so this is one safety tip to pay attention to. Having people over regularly wards off potential r*pists and thieves who see isolated women as targets. Throw small parties and have your good friends stay with you overnight. It will make it look like more people live with you.


living alone safety tips

Photo: Pexels


5. Don’t let workers inside when you’re home alone

If you’re getting something fixed in your house, invite a friend over to stay with you. Don’t let any plumber, electrician, or carpenter into your house when you’re home alone. It’s much safer to have that stranger think you live with roommates than to give away the fact you live alone.


6. Don’t bring strangers into your house

If you are just meeting someone, it would be best to not let on the fact that you live alone. Don’t invite people over to your house until you’re sure you trust them.


7. Have a weapon

It is very necessary for you as a woman to have a weapon. Your weapon of choice could be a taser, a large knife, or even a small handgun, it must be accessible and easy to use. It could actually save you a lot of trouble.


You could even carry your weapon around with you. Be on your guard and don’t give potential perpetrators of violence a chance to think twice. Better to strike first and apologise later than being the one hurt.


We know this list is paranoid and quite, but this country and the entire world has a bad reputation for doing nothing when women fall in harm’s way. Society doesn’t seem to care and the only ones we can trust to truly protect us is us.


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