You are currently viewing Safe DM: New Twitter Filter Which Deletes Unsolicited Sensitive Media Launches

Safe DM: New Twitter Filter Which Deletes Unsolicited Sensitive Media Launches

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A new social media filter called “Safe DM” has launched to prevent users from receiving unsolicited sensitive pictures.


The plugin which blocks and deletes pictures of male private pictures sent via direct message became available to Twitter users on 14th February 2020.


Developer, Kelsey Bressler conceived the idea after receiving an unsolicited sensitive picture from a male user.


Ms. Bressler believes that social media companies could do more to protect users from cyber flashing. Safe DM is in the early stages of talks to add the filter to another major platform, Ms. Bressler said to the BBC.


“We would like to roll this out on other social media platforms and are discussing where to go next,” she added.


According to her, the new filter works 99 percent of the time.

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To develop the artificial intelligence required to undertake this project, Ms. Bressler posted a request in September 2019. Soliciting for other twitter users to send her such sensitive pictures for the project.



If the user wants to use the new filter, he/she needs to add a plugin to their Twitter handle. This will give it access to their direct messages. The ‘Safe DM’ filter does not read the text message, according to its developers.


Users that also want to receive pictures of pen*ses can as well disable the feature for the period. To start using the filter, you can register HERE.


However, it is still unclear what the privacy conditions are, as this may lead to exposing users’ data.


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