You are currently viewing Oga Sabinus Threatens ₦1billion Suit Against Food Companies For Trademark Infringement

Oga Sabinus Threatens ₦1billion Suit Against Food Companies For Trademark Infringement

Skit maker Oga Sabinus, has threatened to sue Friesland Foods and UAC Foods for unauthorised usage of his trademark.

Oga Sabinus Threatens ₦1billion Suit Against Food Companies For Trademark Infringement

Sabinus is demanding through his lawyer, that Friesland Foods pay ₦1billion in compensation and damages.

“Our client briefed us and we believe the same to be true that your Company, Friesland Foods Wamco Nigeria Plc, used a trademarked slogan ‘Something Hooge’ for the promotion of your Peak Milk product.

It will interest you to know that the phrase ‘something hooge’, which was popularized by our client, has been trademarked and legally reserved as his intellectual property by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

The said slogan was trademarked on the 26th of November 2021 with the file number: NG/TM/O/2021/48316. 10. On this note, we make the demand for the payment of the sum of Five Hundred Million Naira (₦500m). As compensation for the unauthorized use of the intellectual property belonging to our client.

And another five hundred million Naira for damages for the trauma; emotional, physical, psychological, and mental trauma our client has suffered for the Trademark theft and infringement of his intellectual property rights.

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“We also pass a stern warning for your company to cease and desist forthwith the use of slogans, expressions, images. Or any other intellectual properties belonging to our client without his express consent and authorization.”

On the other hand, UAC used an anime version of him in a social media advertising campaign. Sabinus wants UAC Foods to pay ₦500 million in compensation within 14 days.

“Your company UAC Food Ltd. has been using the brand picture and other intellectual properties of Sabinus to make adverts for your Gala sausage roll without the consent or authorization of our clients,” another notice read.

You made a post on your verified Instagram handle (gala sausage roll), on the 23rd of May, 2022 with the picture of our client.

We demand that you pay our client the sum of one hundred million Naira (₦100m). It will be in your best interest to heed our warning and meet our demands.

Oga Sabinus recently emerged the ‘Best Online Content Creator’ at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

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