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Russia fines Twitch $49,000 for fake news

Russia fines Twitch $49,000 for fake news

A Russia court issued Twitch another fake news strike, which translates to a fine of $49,000 (NGN21 million). It claimed that the streaming platform had failed to remove a two-hour live stream video of Ukrainian Presidential Aide Alexey Arestovich speech.

In its ruling, the court found that the video had spread false information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was not the first time that the Amazon-owned service is getting fined for such content. Earlier in August 2022, the authorities asked it to pay $33,000 (NGN14 million) for hosting a video that claims Russian soldiers committed war crimes.

The Putin-led administration does not appear to be slowing down in tackling any form of information that does not speak well of its actions. It has taken it a notch higher with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and amidst tech-related sanctions by American companies.

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Equally important is the fact that it is even worse for reporters on the ground and within the reach of the law enforcement agents. You could find yourself serving a 15-year jail term if found guilty of spreading ‘fake news’ about the country, its soldiers, or leaders.

Twitch has not commented on the fines and failure to comply with the terms of the payment may see service disrupted in the region. It is what seems to be happening with Google after Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecom regulator, fined it $364 million (NGN156 billion) for leaving YouTube videos calling its invasion an act of extremism and terrorism.

YouTube is still running in the country while it counterparts like Facebook have been banned completely.

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