You are currently viewing Rumour: Tesla Is Developing Its Own Smartphone Dubbed Model Pi

Rumour: Tesla Is Developing Its Own Smartphone Dubbed Model Pi

There are rumours that Tesla is developing its own smartphone dubbed the “Model Pi”, the phone is reported to have a strong connection with the tesla sister companies.

Elon Musk in an interview said there lies a lot of possibilities for interaction between the mobile phone and the tesla cars. He wants to create a Tesla smartphone that will act as a central controller for the electric car.

According to a recent youtube video, the Model Pi will have very distinct features from other smartphones. Tesla car owners will be able to start their cars using the phone.

Sister company Neuralink will have special features embedded in the smartphone that will read thoughts, communicate requests during an accident. It will also have some Crypto mining resources for Marscoin reportedly.

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Another distinguishing feature is solar energy charging and synergy with the Starlink satellite. The Model Pi will be able to charge with the power of the sun, while it can connect to Starlink vast satellite for internet.

Rumour: Tesla Is Developing Its Own Smartphone Dubbed Model Pi
Tesla Model Pi

Specification wise, rumours say Tesla’s own smartphone would have 4 cameras at the back with an edge to edge large display. It will probably run Android or better still Tesla’s own mobile operating system.

Tesla seems to be going through the Apple route, creating devices and accessories in a closed ecosystem. This will eventually create a seamless connection that can rival that of tech company Apple.



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