You are currently viewing Nigeria investment platform Risevest suspends CEO Eke Eleanya over workplace misconduct
Risevest suspends CEO Eke Eleanya over workplace misconduct

Nigeria investment platform Risevest suspends CEO Eke Eleanya over workplace misconduct

Nigerian investment platform, Risevest, has suspended its CEO, Eke Eleanya Urum, over allegations that he was involved in misconduct in the workplace. The allegations mention impropriety of both s****l and non-s****l nature.

According to a Techpoint Africa report, the decision to drop Urum was made on August 19, but was only been made public ten days after. The news outlet cites an official statement which further revealed that Tony Odiba would temporarily fill the position.

Odiba had been the company’s Head of Operations for some time and a panel of investors appointed him after it was decided that keeping Urum was bad for the startup’s reputation.

In addition to his suspension, there is an ongoing independent investigation into the allegations as more claims have allegedly come up.

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Eke Eleanya Urum’s leadership was first cast in an unfavourable light in 2021 after a former employee, Efe Uduigwomen, called him out for promoting unhealthy work culture.

Uduigwomen’s problem had been that the former Risevest CEO reneged on his agreement with her when he mandated that she resume fully to the office. She also alleged that during a general team meeting, he revealed confidential details about her and her career.

Eke had denied the allegation, calling them half-truths. However, it seems that they bore further allegations against him.

Risevest (or simply Rise) is a Nigerian startup that gives users living in the country, a platform to invest in the US stock market and American companies such as Tesla, Apple, and so on.

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