You are currently viewing Rihanna Again Shows Off Son’s Face in New Video

Rihanna Again Shows Off Son’s Face in New Video

Business Mogul and Barbados singer, Rihanna, has finally showed off the face of her son with Rapper, A$ap Rocky

Rihanna Again Shows Off Son's Face in New Video
Rihanna, A$ap rocky and Son

Recall that the “Lift Me Up” singer, delivered her baby boy 7 months ago, and has since not shown the world what He looks like

On December 17, 2022, fans finally got to see her and A$AP Rocky’s first child in a cute Tiktok video.

She jokingly captioned the video, which also happens to be her first post on the platform, “Hacked.”

In the clip, Rihanna’s son is seen smiling in his car seat as his mum exclaims, “Ooh! You’re trying to get Mommy’s phone.”

The post also includes a clip of the adorable baby, who is covered from the waist down in the car, yawning.

After months of rocking enviable maternity looks, Rihanna gave birth to her baby on May 13th, earlier this year.

Maternity fashion looks inspired by Fenty Beauty founder, musician Rihanna

Not long after, she returned to work with her Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 runway show where she described her kid to British Vogue as “the happiest baby.”

“He’s fun. No matter what you’re doing or what you’re feeling, when he smiles at you, everything else goes away,” she added.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s name has not been made public yet.

Meanwhile, recall how Chris Brown, detailed his 2009 fight with his former lover, Rihanna.

Chris Brown Details Rihanna Assault: She Tried To Kick Me, I Bit Her Arm -  YouTube

singer had admitted to being unfaithful with a work friend and Rihanna found out and “starts going off”. “She throws the phone, ‘I hate you!’, whatever, whatever, she starts hitting me, we’re in a little Lamborghini, you know she’s fighting me,” Brown says.

He continues, “Like I remember she tried to kick me, just like her beating s**t, The hit me, then I really hit her. With a closed fist, like I punched her, and it busted her lip, and when I saw it I was in shock, I was ‘fu*k, why did I hit her like that? So from there she’s…spitting blood in my face, it raised me even more. It’s a real fight in the car, and we driving in the street.”



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