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Ride-Hailing Operators Protest Ban In Lagos With ORiders Significantly Absent

On 31st January 2020, ride-hailing operators working with Gokada and Max took to the streets to protest the Lagos state motorcycle and tricycle ban but ORide operators were significantly absent.


ORide operators missing from protest Gokada Max Lagos Ban
Gokada and Max operators protesting the Lagos State Motorcycle ban. Photo: Twitter.


In January 2020, the Lagos State government had announced the ban on all types of motorcycles and tricycles. This ban is to go into effect on 1st February 2020. It seems like the first time it is putting this sort of far-reaching ban forward.


In time past, tricycles had always been exempted from these kinds of bans. With popular consensus being that they were much more safer than motorcycles. Also, it touches the innovative tech ride-hailing start-ups as well.


In 2013, the Lagos State government had agreed that motorcycles and tricycles could operate on major highways if they had engines over 200cc. This proclamation saw the emergence of these businesses.


Max first entered the market with their bikes that fitted the description the government wanted. Founded by Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh, it has been operating since 2015. Followed by this was ORide, a brainchild of the Chinese investors running Opera, they have been mainstream means of transport since 2017. Gokada is the most recent, co-founded by a Saudi Arabian born investor, Fahin Saleh, it came in 2018.


These investments with their potential for the economy are now at stake. The State government had declared in response to why the ride-hailing firms were affected:


“They have also been found to be part of the problem … [Okada] no matter what fanciful name it’s called,  is not part of the Greater Lagos journey on which we have embarked.”

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For now, it is unclear why ORiders were not part of the 31st January 2020 protest. It is, however, significant that they were missing because they boast the largest numbers among operators. From pictures of the protest, one can see their signature lemon-green jacket missing.


ORide operators missing from protest Gokada Max Lagos Ban
Ride-hailing operators protest ban in Lagos State. Photo: Twitter.


There are also unfounded claims that ORide operators are reckless and that their motorcycles are not as good as the others. One Twitter user had said:



We are still unsure if this segregation extends to how the operators of competitors like Max and Gokada see ORide workers.


See a video of how ORiders had reacted a day after the ban’s announcement below:



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