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Ric Hassani Laments Continued Single Life, Says Finding Love Is Scary

Singer Ric Hassani has lamented his continued single life while expressing his desire to be coupled up.Ric Hassani Says Women Have left Their Husbands Because Of His Songs

The RnB singer shared on his Twitter page on Wednesday 24 August that coming back to an empty house devoid of a partner is no longer appealing

“I think a decision as serious as finding a life partner it is not wisest for one to rely completely on their own discretion. There has to be a degree of surrender to a higher power for that decision. Life partnership is a make or break, and I say it from first-hand experience.”

“I travel the world, make and have some really interesting amounts of money, come back to this big, incredibly arranged house, but I come back to no one. I love the Peace because it’s priceless, but deep down I pray God sends me a solid and worthful companion. Amen.”

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He also added that he’s been burned by love so now he’s trusting God the help him find “the one”.

“Finding someone these days is so scary for me, considering the intense craziness I’ve been through. I have really put it in God’s hands completely at this point, my discretion has failed me in the past and almost cost me everything,’‘ he tweeted.

In January 2021, Hassani and singer Waje sparked dating rumours when they posed in an intimate photo.

Waje posted a photo of her and Ric Hassani in an intimate pose laughing into each other faces on a couch and captioned “Its time”.

However, it turned out to be single where the Waje featured the “Angel” crooner.


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