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Ric Hassani Admits He Was Nursing A Hearbreak When He Wrote “Thunder Fire You”

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Singer Ric Hassani has opened up about being in a dark place when he wrote his trending hit single “Thunder Fire You”.

In an interview with Red Bull Music, the singer shared he was heartbroken and distraught and the song was born out of that pain.


Thunder Fire You was a real situation. when was making that song; I wrote that song a maybe like a year ago. It was one of the first records I wrote on this album. I was in a place where I felt like those lyrics. I was in that place where I was so angry, like why did this happen to me”


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“It was so hard because I’ve never written from a place of anger before. I’ve always written from a place of love, of positivity, of rainbows and flowers. But you know I was so angry that period, and it lasted for quite a bit and I knew i had to write the song.


He also said he didn’t plan to add the song to his just-released album “The Prince I Became” but thought better of it.


I almost didn’t want to put it on the album because I’m like this is something that happened a while ago, I’ve moved on from it. But I felt that I still had to put it in the album for people that are still in that place.”

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“Thunder Fire You” sees Hassani lashing out at his lover for repaying his love with lies and deceit.


The love I gave you, was too perfect for you. And you know I tried to make your dreams come true. And you knew this you still went and threw this, threw this away (away). It’s okay,” the lyrics read.


Meanwhile, the song was banned in February 2021 by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission.


Hassani, who broke the news in a post on his Twitter page on Friday 26th February said the commission is also sanctioning radio stations that are airing the song.


However, Nigerians are still enjoying the song regardless of the ban as many relate to its blunt and vindictive lyrics.



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