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Review: “The Spanish Princess” Episode One, “The New World”

While “Game of Thrones” is drawing to a close, a new show aims to take over. “The Spanish Princess” is a historical drama based on novels by popular historical fiction writer Philippa Gregory. It is the sequel to Starz’s enthralling miniseries, “The White Queen” (2013) and “The White Princess” (2017).


The latest sequel has people buzzing with reviews, and here’s ours. After its premiere on Sunday, 5th May 2019, we swiftly went searching and loved the result. Here’s the official trailer of the lush Starz miniseries, The Spanish Princess.


“The Spanish Princess” trailer

In this series, Princess Catherine of Aragon is portrayed as a much younger person. She comes from a dynasty of strong women, and everyone can clearly see where she gets her guts and grits from – her mother.


This series is about the historical queen Catherine who would become the first of Henry VIII’s six wives. She is remembered as the pious intellectual wife of Henry VIII who was initially married to the Prince of Wales, Arthur. He died, unfortunately, and thus began a series of events that led to her betrothal to Henry VIII.


After her betrothal, the Princess could not bear a son for Prince Henry VIII who later dumped her for a younger, livelier woman. She promised him a son. Eventually, Henry moved on to four other wives. While Catherine couldn’t bear a son, her daughter, Elizabeth, became England’s first ruling queen, the Catholic zealot commonly known as Bloody Mary.


This series will take us on a ride of all that led to her creating a name in England’s history as Catherine of Aragon.


Review of “The Spanish Princess'” first episode, “The New World”



This show is part of an eight-part mini-series by Starz’s. In the first episode called “The New World”, there’s no telling what to expect. Certainly, it’s a story about a Princess Catherine who travels to England, meets her in-laws and walks down the aisle fulfilling her sense of duty. That’s the typical Princess dream, but there is a twist to it — a lot of it. “The Spanish Princess'” first episode reveals a lot of juicy bits to expect from subsequent parts in the series.


Generally, you can tell that it’s going to as elegant as most historical dramas typically are. However, there’s more to the story with all its high-spirited romance which drips elegance and, yes, s*x. It’s the perfect blend of the intrigue of 16th Century court life with the eroticism of a classic melodrama.





This series is a powerful tribute to the woman who influenced changes in the fabric of England. It begins with a young redhead Catherine (played by Charlotte Hope) sent by her warrior queen mother to England.


This journey is to form an alliance between affluent Spain and destitute England by marrying the delicate teenage son of King Henry VII, Arthur. Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie) is a gentle and innocent young man who unfortunately succumbs to an ailment soon after their marriage. However, Catherine won’t accept defeat.


Then, she lies that she hasn’t consummated her marriage with her late husband. This is done in order to pave the way for another marriage with his younger brother, Henry VIII. Prince Henry (Ruairi O’Connor) is a hot-blooded young man who she finds easily manipulable.





Catherine’s entourage includes Lina (Stephanie Levi-John), an African-Iberian noblewoman. Then there’s Lina’s forbidden love, Oviedo (Aaron Cobham), a devout crypto-Muslim guardsman. Catherine’s greatest enemy is the king’s intractable mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort (Harriet Walter). She is a godly woman who devotes her life to ensuring her son becomes King.

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