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Google Pixel 4a Review

Review: The Good And Bad Of Google Pixel 4a Budget Smartphone

Google announced the Pixel 4a on 3rd August 2020 as promised and here we’ll do a quick review of the budget phone. It was announced alongside the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5.


We base this review of the Pixel 4a on its official specifications as Google confirmed.


Taking the price into consideration, the Pixel 4a is available for $349 and only comes in one color, black. The Pixel is, however, available on pre-order will ship on 20th August 2020, while the other two will be available later. There’s also just one size, Google did not make plans for a bigger Pixel 4a XL.

The Good

The Phone has 128GB of storage which is a two-fold increase on earlier versions of the budget smartphone. Its main camera is pretty close to the Pixel 4 which is probably a good thing, however, the downside is that it does not have a telephoto lens like the Pixel 4. This means taking great photos might require more effort than with the Pixel 4.

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The Pixel 4a’s camera does well in low light in line with Pixel tradition because of its Night Sight feature. It has a mode specifically for astrophotography, which should make taking pictures of the night sky fun.


A front view reveals a 5.81-inch screen and hole-punch front-facing camera, which is an improvement on the Pixel 4 at 5.7 inches and a more obvious camera bump.

The err, bad

It comes with a 3,140-mAh battery another improvement on the Pixel 4 but with a less powerful Snapdragon 730G chipset. No wireless charging, 60Hz refresh rate, no water resistance, a headphone jack, and Soli motion-sensing for touchless gestures.


Our review concludes that the Google Pixel 4a truly is a budget smartphone. It brings mid-range specifications and features that don’t exceed its price.


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