You are currently viewing Review: SGIT Season 6 Spotlights Shalewa, Domestic Violence and More

Review: SGIT Season 6 Spotlights Shalewa, Domestic Violence and More

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One YouTube series watched by a lot of Nigerians is Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT), produced by Ndani TV.


The series which kicked off four years ago talks about Tiwalade played by Abimbola Craig, a young beautiful woman pursuing her career as an OAP, her love life, and her family.

Review : SGIT Season 6 Bears Light On Domestic Violence, Sadly Shalewa Is In Love
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Meanwhile, SGIT is in its sixth season, and this time around it is shifting its focus to Shalewa, Tiwalade’s younger sister.


Shalewa played by Sharon Ooja is the typical Lagos big girl with an awesome 8-5 job and a good family supporting her all the way.


She is in a relationship with Mohammed played by Timini Egbuson. Their relationship has its ups and downs due to religious differences with Mohammed being Muslim and she, Christian.

Review : SGIT Season 6 Bears Light On Domestic Violence, Sadly Shalewa Is In Love
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Even though Shalewa tries her best to fit in with the hope that his family will eventually accept her, Mohammed cheats on her with his ex Faridah, which brings an end to their relationship.

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So as a way to heal from the breakup, Shalewa gets into a relationship with a Ghanaian painter Kwame played by James Gardiner.

All is rosy until Episode nine when Kwame raises his voice at Shalewa. This is because she could not make it to his art exhibition even though she had good reasons for her absence.

It doesn’t end there, Kwame slapped her in Episode 10, for breaking a wine glass in his apartment which was a mistake. He apologizes, claiming it is his first time while seeking for a second chance.


Shalewa seeks advice from Tito her friend, who in response said if she really loves the man, she would forgive him and move on with the relationship.


Confused and already in love with Kwame, She forgives him in Episode 11, on the ground that he never hits her again.


This action of Shalewa has been getting a lot of negative reviews from fans of the show.


Some are of the opinion that Kwame is a violent person and she is just closing her eyes to reality.


Others were of the opinion that she goes back to Mohammed because a relationship with Kwame will eventually break her heart.


The creators of the series used this episode to preach against Domestic violence, displaying the message below.





If you are an SGIT lover, here’s your chance to tell us how you feel about Shalewa’s decision.


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