You are currently viewing Review: “Nimbe” Beams Spotlight On Societal Vices And Peer Pressure

Review: “Nimbe” Beams Spotlight On Societal Vices And Peer Pressure

When you watch the trailer of “Nimbe”, the idea you are likely to be greeted with is a young man who may have left home and now leaves on the street but that is not the full story. “Nimbe” follows the story of a young, promising boy who dashes his dreams of getting an education in the quest for acceptance and love but falls under the trap of peer pressure.

Review: "Nimbe" Spotlights Societal Vices And It's A Must-Watch For Families

The film opens in a classroom with students chatting. The class bully, Chukwudi, approaches Nimbe, the quiet bookworm to taunt him and take his food. Unknown to him, Nimbe has now mastered the act of using a gun and is knee-deep in alcohol and drugs. That day, he pulls the trigger in school, killing his classmate, landing himself in police custody, and eventually, life imprisonment.

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The film is highly emotional and spells the extent to which the family unit impacts on the upbringing of a child. The lead actor played by Chimieze Imo is raised in a home where his father (Odunlade Adekola) is abusive; he insults and fights his mother (Toyin Abraham), addresses him as a bastard and eventually sends them packing.


“Nimbe” also spotlights how vices such as bullying, drug abuse, and r**e can mar the future of youths. It is an eye-opener for youths, parents, guardians, teachers, and everyone in the society.


The film is currently streaming on Netflix.


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