Review: “Namaste Wahala” Did Not Serve The Wahala It Promised

Review: “Namaste Wahala” Did Not Serve The Wahala It Promised

When the news that a Nollywood-Bollywood collaboration was on the way in the form of “Namaste Wahala”, film lovers were on the edge of their seats.

We wondered what to expect from this blockbuster, will it be the Bollywood kind of unbreakable love with a fusion of Nigerian culture?. So if you are yet to watch  “Namaste Wahala”, then we are here to tell you what we think about the film.

The film is about Didi ( Ini-dinma Okojie) and Raj (Ruslaan Mumtaz) who falls in love and have to make their parents see that two people from a different race can be happy together. Through this romantic journey, the couple takes their families on a memorable rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Namaste Wahala Gets Acquired By Netflix, Will Be Released On Valentine's DayThe film did not match the hype and viewers expectations, for obvious reasons. The couple meets on the beach, maintains eye contact, and can’t stop talking about this instant connection with their friends. They meet again in an NGO dinner and Raj tells Didi he is going to marry her and the next thing the couple is dancing on the beach, professing their undying love to each other.

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For a film that would bring both Nollywood and Bollywood today, the conversations weren’t deep, so do we say the scripting was faulty. You can easily predict what the next person was going to say, lacking any atom of suspense.

Well, the costume for this film was top-notch. It was exciting to see the colourful Indian attires in the film. For comic relief, “Namaste Wahala” had it few fun moments, Raj and Didi friends were the life of the film, making us laugh from time to time.


I feel the director would have done a better job with this film, in terms of the plotting, and scripting. We expected a deeper and richer storyline but got a very average film. In this era of highest-grossing films in Nigerian cinemas, this film may not have done well in the theatres. “Namaste Wahala” is presently streaming on Netflix, so go take a look and tell us what you think in the comment section.


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