You are currently viewing Review: Ibaka TV’s “Trouble In High Heels” Spotlights Consequences Of Infidelity

Review: Ibaka TV’s “Trouble In High Heels” Spotlights Consequences Of Infidelity

What will you do if you caught your husband red-handed in bed with his supposed lawyer? That will be trouble in high heels, right?


Ibaka’s TV “Trouble In High Heels” centres on Mr Tomide played Frederick Leonard whose mistress was killed after a night of passion. Police detectives try to solve the case of the murder, as Tomide does his best to prove his innocence.


Tomide had gone into extramarital affairs with Helen (Tana Adelana) a lawyer he mysteriously encounters at a meeting with a client. She steps in as his lawyer uninvited and helps with his case. Suddenly their relationship escalates to the bedroom after his wife had cautioned him that Helen is interested in him.Review: Ibaka's TV "Trouble In High Heels" Spotlights The Ills Of Infidelity

In the film, Ini Edo plays the role of Arianna, the good wife who wants to keep her home together. She loses their first child while her husband his neck-deep in cheating. Her grief and his now sneaky attitude prompts her instincts to find the truth. As Tomide is having fun at the detriment of his family, Arianna hatches a plan to not just end his cheating schemes but to also give him a taste of his own medicine.

Review: Ibaka's TV "Trouble In High Heels" Spotlights The Ills Of Infidelity

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Although “Trouble in high heels” is a well put together film, it spots a few flaws. First, it was a bit predictable for an action picture. The script should have contained a bit of suspense to get viewers on the edge of their seats.


How did Helen know about Tomide’s predicament and offered to be his lawyer? Was it all planned?. The directors did not shed light on this aspect. A flashback at least should have sufficed in this regard.  Also, Lilian Esoro’s incessant smoking as the chief detective in Helen’s murder was a bit overboard in the film.


“Trouble in high heels” talks about the consequences of infidelity in marriage and how one night of passion can ruin your life. The film is currently on the Ibaka TV app.


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